Our team is formed of permanent collaborators, as well as other collaborators, all highly qualified.


Travel is the thing that will make you richer if you buy it. – a Chinese folk proverb. Have you already tried any of the Tours in the High Pyrenees? ►CONTACT US◄ and we will help you to organize it?


Depending on your constraints and goals, we help you choose the course modality that suits you and the possibility to start at any time. ►Contact us◄ (for more information) or book your service on the PayPal drop-down menu Face-to-face Distance or online learning (Skype, Zoom, Moodle platform, etc.) web conferencing or real time written courses, downloadable supplementary material, homework to

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¡Welcome to LINGUAGEA! ►CONTACT US◄ (for more information) or book your service in the drop-down menu of PayPal: 1. Translation / Proof-reading – Interpreting: Russian – Spanish – French – English 2. Classes and Tutorships 3. Consulting et connections in Spain, France and Russia 4. Genealogical research in Russia, Cuba, Spain, France I accompany you to discover the history of your

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