International Scientific Conference University of Holguin-Cuba

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VIII Edition of the International Scientific Conference of the University of Holguin, CUBA  from April 26 to April 28 of 2017

 The days are conceived departing from the work in Commissions, arranged in 10 Symposia: 

The deadline for submission of abstracts is February 15, 2017, notification of acceptance of the papers will be made until February 28 and the reception of the papers will expire on March 20, 2017. Must send to the site You can also request information to the post office: and 



Coordinator: PhD. Milagros Pérez Pravia Logistics Management. Quality management. Management of human talent, risks and prevention in organizations. Management of innovation and knowledge. Entrepreneurship, SMEs and economic dynamism. Economic and financial management. Public administration 

Workshop: Tourism Management Coordinator: M. Sc. Evelina Cardet Fernández Management of tourist destinations. Tourist marketing. Administration and hotel management. Administration and management of state and non-state non-hotel establishments. New trends in the hotel and lodging industry 

Workshop: Management of University Processes Coordinator: PhD. Marisol Pérez Campaign Strategic management in universities. Integrated management of university processes. Relevance and impact of evaluation and accreditation systems 


Coordinator: PhD. Roberto Andrés Estrada Cingualbres Design, manufacture and engineering assisted by computers (CAD-CAM-CAE). Materials, technology, maintenance and reconditioning in engineering. Design and operation of agricultural machinery. Computational biomechanics. Training of the engineer and the graduates in education in the area of mechanics and related branches 

Workshop: Clean Energies and Adaptation to Climate Change Coordinator: Dr. Carlos Alberto Trinchet Varela Energy efficiency. Development and application of clean energy sources. Engineering solutions for the mitigation of the impact of extreme events and adaptation to climate change 

Workshop: Civil engineering for development and social welfare. Coordinator: PhD. Libys Martha Zúñiga Igarza Modeling, design and evaluation of engineering works. Technologies, building materials and conservation. Process of investments, planning, organization, execution and control of works. Risks, vulnerability and resilience in engineering works. Civil engineer training and sustainability practices 


Coordinator: PhD. Vilma Páez Pérez Teaching learning of foreign languages. Training and improvement of language teachers. Translation and interpretation. Applied Linguistic Studies. Language, Education and Cultures. Linguistic Anthropology. 

Canadian Studies: Canada, Managing Social and Cultural Diversity XI INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON CANADIAN STUDIES Cuba-Canada Relations. Society, Culture and Identity. Language and literature. History and Politics. Community Development. Contemporary Canadian Studies 


Coordinator: PhD. Ramón C. Núñez Tablada Management of natural resources in arid and semi-arid regions. Food production in agroecological farms. Sustainable and responsible local food sovereignty Animal production. Rural extensionism. Biofertilizers, biopesticides and growth stimulators. Training of the agricultural professional 


Coordinator: PhD. Darvin Manuel Ramírez Guerra Combat sports. Prophylactic and therapeutic physical activity. Effect of physical and traditional therapies in the treatment of respiratory, endocrine, cardiovascular, nervous and osteomioarticular disorders. Selection, initiation and integral training of the athlete. Physical Culture. Yoga in everyday life 


Coordinator: PhD. Orestes Coloma Rodríguez Computer science. Engineering and software management. Free software. Applications of Mathematics. Computer science and its applications. Academic Cryptography. Biomedical data processing. Information Sciences and publishing processes. Information management and knowledge in organizations. 

Information Services: new challenges. The professional of the information in front of them

Workshop: Mathematical Education Coordinator: PhD. Luis Orlando Castellanos Pérez Teaching-learning of Mathematics. Didactics of Mathematics. The Systems of Symbolic Calculus (SCS) in the teaching of Mathematics. Initial and permanent formation of Mathematics teachers. The training of talented students 

Workshop: Educational Technology Coordinator: Dr. C. Amaury Pérez Torres The computerization of university processes. ICT competences for students and teachers. Pedagogy of virtuality. Digital mediation of learning. Distance education. Production of resources for learning. Cloud education, mobile learning and analytical learning 


Coordinator: PhD. Yohannia Ochoa Ardite Theoretical and practical studies of the Communication Sciences. The languages of journalism, trends and styles. Sociocultural Management and Promotion. Community work. Clinical and health psychology. Organizational psychology. Social, educational and community psychology. Studies on Neuropsychology and human development in educational contexts 

Workshop: Challenges of Legal Sciences in the XXI Century Coordinator: PhD. José Augusto Ochoa del Río Basic Sciences of Law. Criminal and Criminological Sciences. Civil Law and Advice. International Law 

Workshop: Social Sciences and their impact. Challenges in History, Culture and Identity Coordinator: MSc. Paul Sarmiento Blanco Cuban thinking in the last centuries. Cultural Anthropology. National Culture. Heritage and Identity. Studies on neuropsychology and human development in educational contexts Workshop: The articulation of knowledge and practices in philosophical formation in different contexts. Coordinator: PhD. Adalis Gricel Palomo German Ethical-civic learning in the university context. New challenges in the teaching of philosophy at university. Philosophical knowledge and practices in diverse social contexts. The philosophy of law: challenges and prospects for the training of professionals. 


Coordinator: PhD. Laura Leticia Mendoza Tauler Contributions of the education sciences to the development of educational practice. Scientific education facing the current challenges. Training in values and citizen education. Job training based on social demands. Job training, technology and work in lifelong education. Initial and permanent training of professionals. Environmental, artistic and health education. Direction of the teaching – learning process. Vocational orientation and vocational training in the education of the new generations. Evaluation of the quality of school learning. Children Education in the formation of new generations. Direction of the educational activity in the different structures 

Workshop: University extension Coordinator: PhD. Mercedes Susana Castillo Sánchez The management of the university extension. Challenges and perspectives. Quality of life and university well-being. Identity and sociocultural promotion. Developmental teaching for university extension. 

Workshop: Workshop of the Ibero-American Network of researchers on quality in social sciences (AUIP). Coordinator: PhD. Emilio Ortiz Importance of internationalization in the realization of doctoral theses in social sciences. The management of information and social networks in the training of doctors in social sciences. 

9. LOCAL DEVELOPMENT, ENVIRONMENT AND GENDER STUDIES Coordinator: PhD. Edilberto De Jesus Perez Ali Osman Local development initiatives (DL). Participation for public management. Public policies, gender and local development. Gender, education, health, environment and human development. Violence against women and their impact on development processes. Cooperativism and solidarity economy in the DL. Tourism, heritage and local development. Rural studies, management of natural resources and alternative energies. International cooperation and DL processes. Education and local development. Territorial planning of tourism and local development. Management of enterprises in accommodation establishments. Climate change, environmental management of tourism and sustainable tourism. Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility 


Coordinators: · PhD. José Arzola Ruíz · Dr. Carlos Trinchet Varela Analysis and Synthesis of Engineering Systems. Optimal Design and Manufacturing under Multiple Criteria. Planning and Operation of Optimal Processes under Multiple Criteria. Management of Risks in Optim Mathematics under uncertainty. Bi-stage and multi-stage environments. Generation and analysis of scenarios. Risk neutral strategy. Risk aversion strategy. Motivation. Algorithmic Approximations. Accurate and inaccurate decomposition. Decision-making in the management of water and energy resources

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